TCU Rec Launches New Spring Break Boot Camp


Spring break boot camp instructor Marcellus Williams teaches the trial session to TCU students and other Rec members. Photo by Taylor Freetage

By Taylor Freetage

The University Recreation Center is starting a Spring Break Boot Camp  to help students prepare for spring break in a healthy way.

The boot camp is a great opportunity for students who are new to working out or who have been working out for a while but are looking to switch up their training, said Marcellus Williams, the Boot Camp’s instructor.  

“I think it’s going to help students who are brand new to working out as a whole, it kind of gives you an idea of how to structure things like circuit training, sets and reps, and time-based exercises,” Williams said.

The goal of the boot camp is to provide students with an alternative way to achieve their desired progress before spring break.

Each year, students have a habit of waiting until two weeks before break to start working toward their spring break goals, which may cause unhealthy habits, said Ryan Keller, the assistant director of fitness and wellness at the recreation center.

“We chose five weeks because we wanted to make sure that people were reaching their spring break goals safely and effectively,” Keller said. “We wanted to remind them to start on that before the last two weeks before spring break you know which people so commonly do.”

Students who start earlier on their goals are more likely to be happy with their results than those who try to cram a months worth of progress into two weeks, said Keller.

The boot camp includes full-body workouts that increase in difficulty as the weeks progress.

“Each week is going to be a little bit different in terms of what exercises we do,” Williams said. “We may do circuit training one week, sets by reps the other week, but whatever workout we do on the second day will be a harder version of what we do on the first day.”

Students, faculty and other recreation center members attended the free trial and information session on Feb. 1 to get a sense of what the five-week series is going to be like.

Some students were particularly excited about the boot camp because it would keep them accountable and goal focused.

“I’m looking forward to having a set program to go to every week with trainers who can lead and encourage me to work hard,” Delaney Saragusa, a sophomore, said.

The boot camp costs $50 and will be held every Monday and Wednesday from Feb. 6 through Mar. 8 in the multipurpose room one.