Voting for Mr. and Ms. TCU opens today


Last year’s 10 Mr. & Mrs. TCU finalists.

By Sara Colbert

Last year’s 10 Mr. & Mrs. TCU finalists.

There’s another election this spring.

The ballot for next semester’s Mr. and Ms. TCU top ten finalists is open today and winners will be announced Friday.

Registered student organizations, such as sororities and fraternities, may nominate one Mr. and one Ms. as a candidate.

Students nominated were told on March 24 that they were chosen to run. Ten students will be picked as finalists.

Once nominated, students fill out an online application in order to be an official candidate. This application opened on March 1 and closed on April 11.

The candidates have submitted an essay and application and have had head shots taken so far. Candidates are now waiting to hear the details about the next steps.

The finalist then goes through an interview process in the fall.

One of the nominations from the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha says she feels honored to be nominated to run for Ms. TCU.

“I think Mr. and Ms. TCU is such a great opportunity to bring together our whole campus and it is a phenomenal way to recognize leaders and special people throughout the entire school,” junior Janie Fuller said.

She said the process so far has been pleasant but it will probably get more stressful when interviews start.

Nominees must be going into their senior year at TCU. Most candidates have contributed to campus life and the TCU committee positively. Candidates have said that it is an honor to even be considered.

“No matter what happens, it is just an absolute honor to even be recognized and nominated,” Fuller said. “People are my passion, and I really enjoy any and every opportunity to get to connect with anyone on TCU’s campus.”

Mr. and Ms. TCU winners will be announced at the Homecoming game on Oct. 21, 2017.