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On-Campus event helps transition students to college

Three-story slide in the campus commons. Photo Credit: Michelle Ross

Students slid into week two of college with a three-story waterslide, under-the-sea arts and crafts and Bahama Buck’s snow cones.

Students gathered in the campus commons Monday evening to a sea full of activities hosted by theCrew, an on-campus organization aimed to promote community spirit after classes are done, Amelia Tigh, a senior Crew leader, said. Each week they plan different events for students to come to for free.

Three-story slide in the campus commons.
Photo Credit: Michelle Ross

The event was called “Freshman are Friends, Not Food.” It was themed after Finding Nemo and water, so students could cool down after their classes and meet new friends.

At the event, students climbed up a three-story waterslide and slid down with smiles on their faces. Water puddles covered the commons from students’ wet clothes, but the cold water didn’t stop anyone from having fun and getting a cold treat from Bahama Buck’s snow cones.

Students adding flavor into their snow cones.
Photo Credit: Michelle Ross

“This event is exciting and it’s pretty wet,” Natalie Zimits, a first-year business major, said. “The slide was a lot taller than it looks.”

The event was located in the commons, so many students saw the slide and went back to their dorms to change into a bathing suit, Tigh said.

“I was walking to the BLUU for dinner and saw the slide” Mia Pulido, a first-year nursing major, said. “I had to stop by because it looked so fun.”

Kristen Conard, a first-year biology and child development major, said she is thankful for these on-campus events because it has made her transition into college easier.

“Transitioning into TCU was a huge step for me,” Conard said, “I was really scared, but everyone here is so nice and is always willing to help you, even if it’s with school or your family life.”

Zimits said these events in the commons have helped her time management by giving her something fun and social to do.

A student painting wooden sea creatures.
Photo Credit: Michelle Ross

“It’s weird to have a lot of free time in college, but these events are so unique and exciting to go to with my friends,” Zimits said. “TCU’s campus life is exciting and unique.”

Students can go to What2Do@TCU to find when more events are coming.




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