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Cross country grabs third and fourth at the Texas Invitational

Senior Henry Butz gets to the finish line first for the men’s squad.

The women’s team placed third and the men’s team fourth at the Texas Invitational on Thursday evening. The women competed in their second 4000-meter race and the men competed in their first 6000-meter race of the season.

Three women finished in the top ten. Senior Nicole Hicks placed fifth with a time of 14:28.17 and freshman Evelyn Mandel placed sixth with a time of 14:29.59.

“I think they raced strong,” head coach Jennifer Fazioli said. “I think Evelyn needs to have a little more confidence in herself. Nicole has progressed every year and keeps getting better. I’m very happy with where the two of them are now.”

Sophomore Lindsay Tomaini placed tenth with a time of 14:44.28.

“I thought Lindsay raced well,” Fazioli said. “When she gets tired, we need to work on her knee fit and keeping her heels off the ground. If she can do that, she’ll be right there with Nicole and Evelyn.”

Senior Dominique Tilly (15:06.62), sophomore Kirsten Johnston (15:15.35) and junior Elizabeth Baker (15:20.74) finished in the top 25.

The women had an average time of 14:48.81 in the 4000-meter race.

“I think we had some good stuff,” Fazioli said. “I’m really happy with where Dom (Dominique Tilly) is. KJ (Kirsten Johnston) is gaining confidence as she moves up and finished extremely strong. I’m very happy with Elizabeth as well.”

For the men, senior Henry Butz crossed the line first with a time of 20:36.32. Juniors Dylan Brokmeyer and Patrick LaCour grabbed the next two places with times of 20:38.13 and 20:42.28.

“If I can get DB (Dylan Brokmeyer) and Henry working together the entire way, I think feeding off energy from having a teammate with them can help them continue to make strides,” Fazioli said. “I think if we can find a mix between the two, where Henry is more aggressive and DB (Dylan Brokmeyer) is more conservative, they will be good.”

The men had an average time of 21:01.26 in the 6000-meter race.

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