TCU Flu Clinic to offer fewer vaccines this year

The Flu Clinic Logistics Team works on getting things organized for the TCU Flu Clinic. (Photo by Paloma Norton)

The Flu Clinic Logistics Team works on getting things organized for the TCU Flu Clinic. (Photo by Paloma Norton)

By Paloma Norton

A flu outbreak at the start of the school year means fewer vaccines will be available at the eighth annual TCU Flu Clinic this Wednesday, the clinic’s director said.

The Brown-Lupton Health Center is providing free vaccines to the first 3,000 attendees at the campus recreation center as a part of Frog Life Wellness Week 2017. The clinic will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or until the vaccines run out, according to the Brown-Lupton Health Center.

Supplies were strained after a pop-up clinic gave out 1,000 vaccines to students in response to an outbreak of more than 60 cases of the flu on campus, said Sharon Canclini, director of TCU’s Flu Clinic.

Junior and senior students from the Harris College of Nursing run the TCU Flu Clinic. They said every able and willing student should have a yearly vaccination because they said the influenza viruses are always changing.

“When you are getting the flu shot, you are not only protecting yourself, you are protecting the people who can’t get the vaccination,” senior nursing major Sabrina Pinckard said.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), one out of every five people in America contract the influenza virus each year.

Pregnant women, young children and adults over the age of 65 have a greater risk for serious complications when they contract the influenza virus, according to the AMA.

The Flu Clinic Logistics Team has been planning the TCU Flu Clinic since the first week of the semester and met every week for six hours. Each year they create a binder for the next year’s team to reference.

For many nursing students at TCU, this will be their first time giving out vaccines to other students, but senior nursing student Mary Fran Wright said she is confident in her abilities.

“As a senior nursing student, this is my third semester in the hospital where we regularly give flu shots,” Wright said. “It is something that our professors take very seriously, and I know that all nursing students are well trained.”