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Miles Teller provides powerful acting in “Thank You for Your Service”

Photo Credit: Francois Duhamel/D
Photo Credit: Francois Duhamel /DreamWorks Pictures

“Thank You for Your Service” offers a great message and powerful story to the audience even with some technical flaws.

Based off a true story, Miles Teller plays a real life solider named Adam Schumann who comes back home after fighting in the Iraq war. Schumann tries to adjust to the changes of going from a war to living at home with his wife and child. When Schumann and his squad get back from the war, they all go through the challenges of emotional trauma and the struggle of getting help.

Miles Teller does a great job of portraying the pain and suffering that Schumann goes through when he returns from duty. Teller does a good job building up the stress that he was feeling after getting back and almost getting to his absolute breaking point.

The rest of the cast were all ok in their roles. Beulah Koale who played Solo also had a heartbreaking role. He plays a solider who comes home and his emotional trauma causes him to become violent and aggressive. His wife has to deal with the consequences and decide whether she can stay with him or not.

Amy Schumer was the only actress that stood out as someone who did not belong in the movie. She played the wife of a fallen soldier and felt out of her comfort zone by taking on this part. It felt like they wanted someone with a big name rather than someone who could really play that part.

The film has some very heartbreaking and touching moments throughout the film. Watching Schumann’s wife struggle to get him to open up about his emotions was difficult to watch sometimes, as it felt very real.


Overall, this film has a very touching message behind it that would benefit those who don’t know what it is like dealing with the struggles after coming back from war. Amy Schumer and the acting of everyone else in the film feels a little lacking and could be better. But, the acting from Miles Teller is what makes this film special and believable. This movie will not blow you away, but is well worth the watch because if offers a powerful message.


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