SGA promotes connectedness with Visibility Day


By Mariana Rivas

The TCU Student Government Association (SGA) participated in its first Visibility Day in order to hear from students about what ideas they wanted SGA to pursue.

Different members of the SGA gathered around the Founder’s Statue Wednesday with a chalkboard for students to write their ideas on and to talk to SGA members.

“Our goal is for representatives to directly interact with constituents and get new ideas of how to improve campus,” said Outreach Committee Chair Allie Strehle.

Another goal of Visibility Day is to provide students with familiar faces to come to whenever they are concerned, Strehle said.

“These are my favorite moments when students give suggestions to SGA members and see these changes occur around campus because of their ideas,” said Strehle.

Sophomore Neeley School of Business representative Mackenzie Keetch said she thinks Visibility Day is a great way to gain access to more ideas like these. She said she got involved with SGA to be more than just a figurehead.

“I didn’t apply until the end of my freshman year because I wanted to see what actually people cared about,” said Keetch. “I’d love to just be around for them, and it’s not just me. We’re all here for everybody.”

SGA isn’t planning to just be out there for one day, however, and have planned to host a Visibility Day once a month.

For students interested in other ways to get involved in SGA, first-year students can join Frog-Aides where they get first-hand experience working in campus initiatives and any student that wants to be directly involved in making improvements across campus can join a committee with SGA members. Students can also apply to fill House seats when there are vacancies.

Meet the members of the House of Representatives: