TCU hangout closes its doors, college ministry considers buying property


The Aardvark, a local bar, will close its doors in the near future. (Photo: Hunter Geisel)

By Hunter Geisel

After 20 years, the Aardvark will close its doors.

The local bar on West Berry Street has been a hotspot for music and sports fans alike in both the TCU and the 109 communities. Fort Worth Weekly published a story that the Aardvark will officially close on Feb. 1 and sold itself to Christ Chapel Bible Church. However, according to Christ Chapel’s college pastor Josh Storie, the report wasn’t entirely accurate.

“We’ve talked to [Danny Weaver] about the possibility of it, but no one’s signed anything, no one has made any decisions yet,” Storie said. “We have a lot of love and respect for him and the bar, so we just want to see how we can possibly bless him. And so, nothing official as of yet but we’re thinking about it.”

Christ Chapel’s college ministry has held its Sunday services every week at the Aardvark for eight years, reaching out to TCU students and others nearby. The church and the Aardvark’s owner Danny Weaver developed a close bond since Christ Chapel began using the space. It wasn’t until about a few weeks ago that Christ Chapel received a call from Weaver, saying that he wanted to close and sell the Aardvark so he could spend time on more important things in his life, like his family.

Although Christ Chapel is considering to buy the property, Storie said there are other investors looking into buying the Aardvark.

“We’ve been talking about what it’ll look like to help out a friend and see if it was possible for us to buy it,” Storie said.

Now, Storie said Christ Chapel is planning on what to do if the church is unable to buy the Aardvark.

“We’ll continue to meet in some capacity whether it’s there or somewhere else; we’re not totally sure,” Storie said. “We’re just trying to think through what’s next.”

If Christ Chapel is able to obtain the Aardvark, Storie said he wants to continue what the church has been doing for the surrounding community.

“I think if [Christ Chapel obtained the Aardvark], we would try to figure out what’s the greatest need for the TCU community and how we can as a church love and serve this body of students,” Storie said. “We’re TCU all the way; we’re massive fans and so, anything we can do with that space to bless people would be ideal.”