Students worn down by flu season


Photo by Taylor Freetage

By Grace Toups

TCU hasn’t been immune to the flu.

The Brown-Lupton Health Center has reported “15 cases of Influenza A, 13 cases of Influenza B,” since the semester started, Dr. Jane Torgerson, TCU health center director, said.

There have been 24 additional students tested for flu-like illnesses, with over 90 confirmed cases in the fall.

The increased number of students contracting the flu when they come back to campus is due in part to the cold weather weakening immune systems, Kelly Hanes, the public information officer for Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH), said.

“January and February are when we get the most reported cases of  Influenza A and B,” Hanes said. “The ending season of Influenza A overlaps with the beginning season of Influenza B, even though it is possible to contract the flu year-round.”

Students and professors agree this creates problems when trying to stay on top of work.

Simone Comeaux, a sophomore entrepreneurial management major, fell behind in schoolwork after missing class because of a sickness.

“I thought I could take my three sick days to lay in bed and catch up on some paperwork and schoolwork but I was too exhausted to do anything but sleep,” Comeaux said. “A lot of my professors were understanding but I’m still catching up with material that I missed while I was out. It was a terrible way to start off the semester. ”

The CDC monitors the months in which cases of the flu are seen most (Photo Credit: Center for Disease Control)

Nationally, the Center for Disease Control reported 15,376 cases of Influenza A and 730 cases of Influenza B for the 2017-2018 flu season.

Students are advised by the health center to get the flu vaccination and wash hands often. These precautions are the best ways of avoiding the flu.

The TCPH and health center follow the same guidelines as the Center for Disease Control in advising what precautions to take when contracting the flu.

“Rest is best,” Hanes said. “Isolating yourself to make sure that you do not infect others and hydrating play key roles in making sure your body can heal.”

If you notice any symptomsschedule a visit to the health center. It is recommended to call for an appointment, but walk-ins are also welcome.