BreakShuttle offers students trips to Texas cities for academic breaks

Photo courtesy of AP images

Photo courtesy of AP images

By Grace Amiss

Getting home for the holidays on a college budget just got a whole lot easier.

Beginning in the spring of 2018, BreakShuttle, a shuttle transportation company, will be providing direct trips during academic breaks from TCU’s campus to Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Ticket prices start at $63 and are nicknamed “the early bird discount.” The most expensive ticket offered is “the last minute,” which costs $79. Prices are determined by the date you leave and are the same no matter the destination.

All tickets are for one-way travel. Round-trip travel requires buying two different tickets, but the cost is the same as mentioned above.

Since 2012, BreakShuttle has contracted with charter companies to offer transportation to college students during breaks and currently offers rides for 20 universities.  They added TCU to their repertoire after several parents and students reached out to their company asking that they consider adding service to TCU, according to the director of BreakShuttle, Jon McBride.

BreakShuttle contracts fully insured and reputable charter companies to run the trips. Unlike commercial providers like Greyhound, their routes offer direct service – meaning they take the same amount of time as traveling by car.

“There is a lot of need for a service like ours in Texas,” McBride said. “For TCU students, getting a bus to Houston or Austin or San Antonio usually means having to go to Dallas first. With our service, we take students directly from campus and we don’t make a bunch of stops along the way.”

Cameron Dorman, a sophomore nursing major and native of Houston, said she would consider taking the ShuttleBus to save money.

“I usually drive my car home, but it would be nice to sleep for four hours instead of driving,” Dorman said. “I get out of class late on Thursday so I am going to have to be driving through the night, something I could avoid if I took the bus.”

Tickets are available to be purchased through the BreakShuttle site. From there, the buyer will be sent a confirmation email which functions as the ticket to board the shuttle.

Although BreakShuttle does not offer refunds, the company allows customers to sell their tickets to other people. All they ask is for the original buyer to notify them so that they can update their passenger list.

For more information, you can reach call 855-620-1924 or email [email protected]