Former wide receiver launches clothing line on TCU’s Pro Day


TCU wide receiver John Diarse speaks to the media after his Pro Day workout. Photo by Cristian ArguetaSoto

By Kristen Clarke

Be young. Stay fresh. Live free.

Former Wide receiver John Diarse brought more than just his football skills to TCU’s Pro Day. He brought a brand and a clothing line, YFF, to go with it.

While becoming an entrepreneur isn’t usually the first thing on a player’s mind when needing to impress in front of NFL scouts, Diarse said he’s different.

“I honestly feel like that’s something that a lot of people don’t do,” Diarse said. “A lot of people  are ashamed about their differences, but I embrace all of mine.”

He said that the Y stands for “be young” meaning that you can never get too old, or you’re never too young, to start dreaming and setting goals. The first F, standing for “stay fresh” refers to staying fresh mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally the wide receiver said. Diarse said that without being fresh in those areas, you can’t achieve the things that you’re trying to achieve, and that you have to be in the right state of mind in order to do things the right way. The last F, “live free,” refers to being different. Diarse said it’s about embracing the good, the bad, the ugly, flaws, talents; accepting it for what it is and making the best of it.

His mother, Shelia, said it inspires her to go back to school and eventually fulfill her dream of becoming a certified public accountant.

“We’re excited for him trying to reach out to his generation,” Shelia Diarse said. “The platform has been set, and we’re hoping that he will reach millions.”

Diarse said he has watched his father over the years, who he said set a good example, but his dad said that it’s up to John to put the work in, in order to be successful.

“I’ve always tried to share with him that I can only give you the good example, you have to make your own millions,” John Diarse Sr. said. “I have a lawn service and I’ve always told him the importance of working, so he’s after his millions.”