September brings new construction developments to campus

September brings new construction developments to campus

By Grace Amiss

With seven projects underway, navigating campus can be tricky – especially when it comes to parking and street access.

“I leave my house about 30 minutes before my class starts because there is no parking,” said Emma Brown, a junior criminal justice major. “A lot of times I still can’t find a parking spot even after I circle around the lots on the other side of University. Usually, I end up having to pay to park on the street.”

TCU’s construction saga includes new additions to campus – academic buildings on the east side and dorms near Marion and P.E. Clark.

Roads have also been disrupted. Bellaire Drive has been a one-way road going east, but is expected to reopen by Sept. 7.

Plans for additional parking spaces and a fire lane behind the Harrison Building have been delayed until Sept. 15. During this time, Princeton Street and Greene Street will permanently close.

TCU’s Project Manager, Brooke Ruesch, said construction is typically planned around the school year and when the closest semester is scheduled to begin.

“Typically the feedback we hear is appreciative,” Ruesch said. “It is really something to be quite proud of, to have a campus with such beautiful buildings.”

The majority of the work on West Cantey Street is completed.