Students react to Crowder on campus


Steven Crowder campus to campus with a sign saying: ‘Rape culture’ is a myth, change my mind

By Taylor Boser

Steven Crowder’s visit to campus Monday sparked conversations about sexual assault on college campuses.

While some students were excited to see the YouTuber in person, others were visibly upset by his presence on campus.

“I’m disappointed and it reminds me that we have made some really great strides here on campus, but we have so many more to go,” said Gabriel Wallace, a social work major. “This is directly a spot where we have a lot to go.”

TCU stated that Crowder was on a public sidewalk, allowing him to be there.

“My thing is, is that first amendment gave the right for everyone to give their speech,” said Phillip Ditto, a TCU student. “Speech isn’t free if we censor the speech we don’t like.”

Steven Crowder came to campus with a sign saying: ‘Rape culture’ is a myth, change my mind.

Crowder’s topic for his visit was: ‘Rape culture’ is a myth, change my mind. Last year, he wanted TCU students to change his mind on the topic of male privilege.

“Well I think he’s talking about how institutionalized rape culture is something that I think is blown up a little bit out of proportion,” said Jake Hammer, a sophomore business school student.

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