Tips and tricks on how to travel with ease


AP Photo/Matt York

By Grace Amiss

Fall break is less than one week away–here are some traveling tips to help alleviate a travel headache.


Ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck by doing some research before you leave.

If you’re traveling out of state, hitch a free ride to the airport on one of the SGA sponsored shuttle buses. Buses leave at various times on Oct. 12 and can take you to either the Dallas-Fort Worth airport or Dallas Love Field airport.

“I actually signed up for one,” said Francesca Lapinto, a sophomore engineering major.  “It’s expensive to Uber from here to the airport so a free ride [is always] good.”

If you’re choosing to use rideshare apps, such as Lyft and Uber, check for their online coupon codes. Both offer them, all you need to do is google it.

Another option to minimize gas usage is to carpool with your friends–just make sure someone with good taste of music is in charge.


If you’re not going home or crashing at a friends house, here are some of the next best options.

Vacation rentals can be a great alternative to staying at a hotel. These private homes are available for nightly, weekly or monthly rentals through websites such as Airbnb, VacationHomeRentals or HomeAway.

Not only can they be cost-effective, but often you’ll be staying with a local who can show you places that might not be in travel guides.


Choosing the right clothes to bring on a trip can be tricky, especially for those who habitually overpack.

“I’m definitely going to overpack and probably bring something that I don’t need to bring,” said Courtney Cheevers, a senior marketing major. “I’ll probably bring nine outfits for one night.”

However, there are a few ways to pack efficiently while still being able to fit everything you want into a carry-on.

“There’s a way to fold a tee-shirt,” said Wilson Hoyt, a first-year pre-med and biology double major. “Fold it and then roll it like a hotdog basically and then turn it sideways. It stops it from being creased but it’ll also save space so you can get a more in the suitcase.”

Keep your clothes close, but keep your travel essentials closer.

“Have a bag of all of your important documents and then all of your important go-to stuff…chargers, makeup and favorite outfits,” said Abigail Hernandez, a sophomore economics major.