Women’s tennis downs UT-Rio Grande Valley


By Kennedy Stadler

Although the Frogs (6-2) battled hard for the doubles point, solid singles performances across all courts sealed a 4-0 win over the UT-Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros (1-4).

“Not only did they have dominating performances in singles, but they were able to close the door when there was an opportunity to close it,” assistant coach Christopher Williams said.

During doubles, Aleksa Cveticanin and Elizabeth Tedford quickly cruised to a 6-1 victory on court three over Sandra Putz and Katarina Sasaroga. Entering Saturday’s match, Putz and Sasaroga were undefeated at the No. 3 position.

Close sets on courts one and two left the doubles point up for grabs. Kate Paulus and Mercedes Aristegui on court one and Addy Guevara and Chloe Hule on court two were faced with tough, back-and-forth matches. Williams said that canceling out external factors helped Guevara and Hule surge back to clinch the doubles point with a 7-5 win on court two.

“They might know that that court is finished, but we coach them to be thinking about what is my next play to do on this exact score count,” Williams said.

The Frogs momentum carried over into singles as Hule put away the second point in a 6-2, 6-0 win on court four. Freshmen Paulus followed with a demanding 6-1, 6-1 win over Marine Darzyan to put the Frogs up 3-0.

On court two, Aristegui took down Michelle Walker to secure the team win for the Frogs. Aristegui now leads the team with 11 singles wins on the season.

The resilient team win was a confidence boost, Williams said, who are facing both injuries and general soreness despite their 10-day break. Ellie Douglas and Stevie Kennedy both sat out Saturday’s match, and Tedford rejoined the team this week due to the Frog’s health issues, Coach Lee Walker said in a press release on GoFrogs.com.

The Frogs remain undefeated on their home court, but next week they will travel to Tempe, Arizona to face Arizona State Feb. 22 and Ohio State Feb. 24.