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Main water pipe floods Moudy plaza

Fort Worth water arriving to the scene of a water main break outside of the Moudy buildings (photo by Richard Edgemon).

Parts of University Drive was shut down Wednesday after a broken water pipe flooded the Moudy plaza.

The street suffered a 12-inch water line flood, said Mary Gugliuzza, the Fort Worth water and wastewater public information officer.

City workers arrived on site to address the issue, while TCU maintenance workers grabbed brooms and squeegee to shovel water away from the building.

Armando Rios, the assistant director of facility at TCU, said if the flood overflows into the building then he will call the restoration facility services.

Some students regretted leaving their umbrellas at home because they thought it was raining.

“I didn’t think it was going to rain today,” said Jared Lemelin, a junior. So I was really confused when I saw a bunch of water through the exit doors.”

Students rushed to clear art projects out of the building so that pieces wouldn’t get destroyed.

Repairs to the line will disrupt northbound traffic on University Drive between Princeton and West Cantey streets, according to the Fort Worth Water Department. The southbound lanes of University Drive will accommodate traffic both ways.

Work is expected to be complete by Friday morning.

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