Stop wasting time, start managing it


Books available for all TCU students line the shelves in the Mary Couts Burnett Library.

By Leslie Fields

TCU is helping students recognize and manage the responsibility that comes with the freedom of college.

TCU’s Campus Recreation and Wellness Program hosted a time management workshop, a part of a series that is teaching students how to use their time more efficiently.

“Time management is important because it is a skill that college students have the least experience with,” said Leann Maxwell, an academic coach at the Center for Academic Services. “New college students are not used to the puzzle of how to manage their own time and how to get everything done efficiently.”

A photo of a student agenda. Writing in an agenda was a method Maxwell encouraged to students trying to work on their time management skills. Photo by Leslie Fields

Haley Cabrera, a first-year student, said she struggles with putting too much on her plate because of how unusual college life is for her.

“I don’t do a very good job of making enough time for fun,” Cabrera said. “It’s hard to separate making time for fun and making time for work.”

Maxwell shared tips for successful time management in college at the workshop.

“Find out where you’re wasting time in your day so you know how to adjust your schedule,” Maxwell said. 

Maxwell encouraged students to be honest with themselves by writing down everything they do in a day to discover which areas they are wasting the most time in. 

Junior student Kirsten McFarlan working on school work. Photo by Leslie Fields

Cabrera said she wants to improve her time management skills by not using her phone when she should be studying or doing homework.

Maxwell said students should ruthlessly prioritize their time according to their main goal.

“You need to remember why you’re here,” Maxwell said. “Your time belongs to you.”