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What we’re reading: Most Texas House members disapprove of Trump’s Syria actions


Most Texas House members disapprove of Trump’s actions in Syria

Almost all members of the Texas House delegation voted to pass a resolution that condemned President Donald Trump’s latest actions in Syria.

Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria has paved the way for Turkey to invade regions held by the Kurds, who are longtime U.S. allies.

Seven Texas Republicans joined the delegation’s Democrats in voting to pass the resolution.

Beijing believes change in U.S. policy violates international law

China expressed their displeasure Thursday against a new U.S. policy requiring Chinese diplomats to notify the State Department before meeting local officials.

Geng Shuang, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, said that Beijing is opposed to this new policy.

“The State Department is making additional conditions and barriers for Chinese diplomats to carry out their normal work,” said Shuang. “China supports US diplomatic staff in China to carry out normal duties and will provide assistance for that.”

House Democrats aim to make college more affordable 

House Democrats revealed a plan to make college more affordable for low-income and minority students through offerings of large amounts of financial aid and allowing states to offer tuition-free community college. 

The $94 billion plan would use federal funding in order for states to provide free community college for the students. It would also increase the size of federal Pell grants and simplify student loan applications.

Reps. Virginia Foxx and Lloyd K. Smucker said that “instead of promoting unworkable partisan bills, we ought to work together to support students’ access to affordable postsecondary education.”

Two U.S. Senators devise a plan to use technology to end drunk driving

Sens. Tom Udall, D-N.M., and Rick Scott, R-Fla., plan to introduce a bill that would make every car sold include technology that prevents drunk people from starting their cars.

The bill plans to address the fact that although there are significant penalties for those caught drunk driving, there is still no measure to stop them from getting behind the wheel.

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