TCU celebrates first-generation students


By Yulissa Cortina

The accomplishments of TCU’s first-generation students were celebrated last Friday to honor National First-Generation College Student Day. 

First-generation students at the event. Photo by Yulissa Cortina

The event, held at the Founders Status, was put on by Student Development Services (SDS) and Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services out of the Division of Student Affairs and Student Support Services.

Nearly 600 students attended and received food and giveaways. They also had the opportunity to interact with other first-generation students. 

Tyler Fisher, the director of the leadership center in SDS, said he hopes students were able to feel uplifted and celebrated by the event. 

“We want them to recognize that they have tremendous value and add that value to all that they are involved in while at TCU,” Fisher said. “We also want to make sure others know that many of our students are first-generation and that they can support each other in various ways and engage in conversations around shared struggles and successes.”  

Fisher said TCU has held events over the past four years to celebrate first-generation students.

Some of this year’s events included a workshop designed to give the students skills to excel in their educational journey and a dinner where first-generation alumni spoke to students about their college experience.

Marcy Vasquez, a first-generation first-year student, said she felt TCU’s support in this event. 

“It makes me feel important and like I matter,” Vasquez said. “It was great to see many other students like me be happy and enjoy our importance as we all overcome the challenge and make a change in our community.” 

Tony Alba, a first-generation senior, talked about the importance of these types of events for students. 

“It makes me feel valued knowing that we have support here,” Alba said.