Alum encourages donations on TCU Gives Day


By Leslie Fields

An alum and his family have issued a challenge to TCU supporters: If 2,500 people donate to the university on TCU Gives Day, they’ll donate $100,000.

TCU Gives Day is a 24-hour event that starts Wednesday and ends Thursday. Students, faculty, staff, parents and friends of TCU are asked to make donations to TCU.

Harmonie Farrow, director of the Office of Loyalty Giving, said that a large group of people coming together to donate is what makes a huge impact on TCU.

A photo of a TCU Gives Day advertisement that is passed by students commuting to class. Photo by Leslie Fields.

“Being one of the nation’s top universities didn’t happen overnight and won’t continue without additional financial support,” Farrow said. 

Gaining this kind of financial support requires months of preparation from Farrow. 

“While we are working on the marketing materials, my colleagues across university advancement are also asking individuals to serve as challenge donors; committing to give a specific amount to TCU if a certain number of Horned Frogs give on TCU Gives Day,” Farrow said.

This year, TCU alumnus Danny Nikolai and his parents Kathy and Dan have offered to give $100,000 if 2,500 people make a gift for TCU Gives Day. 

“Our involvement with TCU has been a result of having such a great experience,” said Danny Nikolai, who majored in mechanical engineering. “A brief yet highly-involved four-year history.”

Nikolai believes giving provides the chance to spread good fortune to others. 

“I tend not to think of giving as ‘giving back,’ but more as ‘giving forward,’”

Danny Nikolai

“By giving, especially in the case of giving to TCU, I am hoping to provide someone else with the opportunity to have the same amazing TCU experience that I was able to have.”

This donation money goes straight to students, Farrow said. Donor money creates the best possible programs that help the students of TCU flourish.

“We must prepare students academically and financially, recruit and retain preeminent national and international faculty and create a living-learning environment that prepares graduates to go into the workforce with the skills, determination, and confidence to succeed,” Farrow said.

Photo of an advertisement for Lead On: A Campaign for TCU. Photo by Leslie Fields.

TCU Gives Day is part of TCU’s Lead On campaign, an initiative that hopes to raise $1 billion for the university’s endowment. 

She said there are two challenges aimed at students.

Farrow said if 100 graduating seniors make a gift on TCU Gives Day, the parents of a graduating senior will give $2,020. If 50 freshmen, sophomores or juniors make a gift, Charlie Ruff, a TCU alumnus, will give $500 to TCU. 

“No one person can make this happen on his or her own, but if everyone gives what they can we can secure our desired future for TCU,” Farrow said.