On-campus a cappella group offers performance opportunity and community


By Jacob Hook

An all-women’s a cappella group not only provides a place for women to continue singing and performing, but also a place to make everlasting friendships.

Here Comes Treble has been on campus for six years and has provided a group for women who are passionate about singing and performing.

Aubrey Bossie, a first-year music major, said she joined the group so she could sing casually and meet new friends that share similar passions.

“The great thing about a cappella is that there are girls from all different majors, and we’re all best friends,” Bossie said.


Rachel Rowe, a sophomore music education major, reiterated those feelings.

“I’ve been in the group for two years now, and it’s been an awesome time,” Rowe said. “I really love rehearsing with the girls.”

But being a part of the group is not just about having fun and making friends; it also includes numerous hours of hard work.

Haley Springer, a senior nursing major and the club’s president, said the club rehearses twice a week for two hours each week.

“First we start with reviewing upcoming events or gigs and then we conduct warm ups to get our voices ready to sing,” Springer said. “When songs are new we often split up into sopranos and altos to go through parts, and then we put it all together.”

Rowe said the process of creating a song and performance, which begins by choosing a song, can take anywhere from three to five months.

“Choosing a song is typically a democratic process,” Springer said. “We all suggest songs and then vote on which ones to do.”

Springer said the only reason a song typically gets vetoed is if it won’t work for a cappella or if they don’t have a member who can sing the solo.

After the song idea is chosen, the group is then tasked with creating an arrangement.

“We throw out song ideas and then somebody gets tasked with writing the arrangement,” Rowe said.

Rowe said all of the group’s arrangements have been written by group members or friends of the group members.

Here Comes Treble performing in the BLUU Auditorium. Photo by Jake Hook

All the hard work pays off in the end for Here Comes Treble, when they get to perform, particularly at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCAs).

“We performed my freshman and sophomore year in ICCAs, which is the ‘Pitch Perfect’ organization, but we weren’t able to compete last year because it was during our spring break,” Springer said. “But we’ve auditioned this year, and we’re hoping we’ll be able to compete again.”

Here Comes Treble performed with License to Trill, a co-ed a cappella group on TCU’s campus, on Nov. 13 in the BLUU Auditorium, and the all-female a cappella group is scheduled to perform again on campus Dec. 5.

“We will be performing in Sacappella on Dec. 5,” Springer said. “It’s going to be Senseless Acts of Comedy joined by a few a cappella groups, and it will be improv skits mixed with a cappella performances.”

Auditions are typically held every August and are announced on the group’s Instagram.