What we’re reading: Trump won’t participate in virtual debate, Hurricane Delta on path to hit U.S.


President Donald Trump, left, and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

By Brian Contreras

Trump will not participate in virtual debate 

President Trump, in his first interview since testing positive for COVID-19, said he will not participate in the next debate, according to Fox News.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the final debate, slated for Oct. 15, will be virtual. 

The CPD had announced early Tuesday the final debate would have taken the form of a town hall meeting, in which the candidates would participate from separate remote locations. Steve Scully of C-SPAN is still set to moderate from Miami. 

“The commission changed the debate style, and that’s not acceptable to us,” Trump said. “I beat him in the first debate, I beat him easily.”

Biden increases lead over Trump after debate and president’s COVID-19 diagnosis 

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden waves as he boards his campaign plane at New Castle Airport in New Castle, Delaware, Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020., en route to Arizona. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Former Vice President Joe Biden now holds his widest lead with less than a month remaining before Election Day, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS

Among likely voters, 57% said they back Biden and 41% back Trump in a poll conducted after the first debate. 

Biden’s favorability ratings have also improved, with 52% of Americans saying they have a positive impression of him, compared with 39% who have a positive view on Trump. 

These increases in support for Biden have not caused substantial decreases in backing for Trump. The president’s core supporters remain as supportive of him as they have been, if not more, according to CNN.

Wisconsin officer not charged for a fatal shot to teen

This undated photo provided by the Wauwatosa Police Department in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, shows Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah. (Gary Monreal/Monreal Photography LLC/Wauwatosa Police Department via AP)

Officer Joseph Mensah will not face chargers for the fatal shooting of Alvin Cole, a 17-year-old Black teen, in February, according to CBS.

Cole was shot outside of the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, after police responded to a report of a man who was seen with a gun.

According to District Attorney John Chisholm’s report, Mensah fired serval shots at Cole after he aimed a handgun at him.

“In this case, there is sufficient evidence that Officer Mensah had an actual subjective belief that deadly force was necessary, and that belief was objectively reasonable,” Chisholm said. 

The Wauwatosa Common Council on Tuesday approved a five-year $760,000 contract to provide officers with body cameras.

Mensah and other officers at the scene did not have body cameras. 

Hurricane Delta heading on path for U.S.

Hurricane Delta made landfall early Wednesday along the Yucatan Peninsula, with winds estimated at 110 mph, according to NBC.

Delta moved into the Gulf of Mexico after toppling trees and cutting electricity of parts of Cancun and Cozumel and is on track to hit the U.S. coast Friday.

Forecasters expect Delta to strengthen as it moves in the gulf’s warm waters; however, it could weaken as it approaches the U.S. coast. New Orleans’ mayor said it could be a Category 3 storm by landfall.