Courtside Kitchen offers pickleball, kitchen and bar all in one place


Luke Savage, a pitcher for the TCU baseball team, poses next to a stack of gear donated to Blessed Feet. (Photo courtesy of Luke Savage)

By Frances Wetherbee

Fort Worth pickleball has arrived with a tasty twist.

Courtside Kitchen, a pickleball and restaurant combination venue, opened in December in the heart of Fort Worth. The venue is located close to the Horned Frogs home on Rogers Road, just down the street from Woodshed Smokehouse.

Pickleball is a familiar sport in a unique package. The game combines court tennis and table tennis with the use of a paddle and a whiffle ball.

“Pickleball, since it’s so easy to learn, you can go play with people who have never played before and have a great time,” said Zach Nichols, a partner at Courtside Kitchen.

Though pickleball is Courtside Kitchen’s main attraction, the venue offers more than courts and equipment.

Courtside Kitchen owners and staff have worked to create a unique and versatile environment with features such as the restaurant, mini-golf, a beer garden, live music and — of course — nine pickleball courts.

Courtside Kitchen hopes to cater to all demographics through events and activities, long opening hours and convenient location.

Seniors and elderly folks will kick off the day at Courtside Kitchen at 8:30 a.m., as they like to get up early to play, Nichols said. Courtside Kitchen will offer after-school events for parents and children before the happy hour crowd, working crowd and TCU crowd rolls in the evening, Nichols said.

Visitors can reserve one of Courtside Kitchen’s nine pickleball courts via the Courtside Kitchen app or website. Walk-ins are welcome as long as a court has not been reserved.