TCU Studio Art showcases MFA program at Open Studios

TCU Studio Art held an Open Studios Event in Moudy North showcasing their Master of Fine Arts Program.


The TCU MFA Program showcases their artwork during the Open Studios day on Feb. 11, 2023. (Nick Girimonte/Staff Writer)

By Nick Girimonte, Staff Writer

The public got a a glimpse Saturday of the works being created by the Studio Art Program’s graduate students during an Open Studio event in Moudy North.

The works weren’t contained to the gallery space, instead it was also displayed in classroom spaces on both floors of the buildings.

The showcase featured the work of students of the three-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program. They participated in an info session and were available to talk about their art work.

The first floor showcased the ceramics and sculpture department. Pieces ranged from all shapes and sizes with a broad spectrum of ideas.

The TCU ceramics and sculptures department serves as an open area for MFA students to work on their pieces. (Nick Girimonte/TCU 360)

“It is always a noisy environment in here as the students are always trying to bounce ideas off each other to refine their skill sets and master their craft,” said Cam Schoepp, a professor of art in the sculpture department.

The second floor focused on the painting and visual style of art. Artists stood by their paintings, explaining their work to those who walked by.

TCU Studio Art displays paintings during Open Studios on Saturday, Feb. 11. (Nick Girimonte/TCU 360)

Elijah Ruhala, a first-year MFA student, said he was pleased the program was getting more public engagement.

“I found this program through a friend and personally believe it needs more exposure because it is one of the best art programs in the Metroplex,” said Ruhala. “I wish TCU students came over here more.”

Paintings varied from pictures of dogs to canvas strictly filled with color.

Paintings line the walls in Moudy North during TCU Open Studios on Saturday, Feb. 11. (Nick Girimonte)

The MFA program is meant to help students  pursue and grow a career in the arts on a full-time basis.

The program’s focus is studio work including painting, printmaking or sculpture with a focus on the creative process and the impact of the artist beyond the physical piece.

Admission is based on a portfolio review by faculty committee, undergraduate GPA, a statement of professional experience and three letters of recommendation.