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NCAA reviews track program

The NCAA is reviewing information concerning the TCU investigation on the firing of head track and field coach Monte Stratton, athletics director Eric Hyman said.Stratton was fired Sept. 9, and associate head coach Brad Bowman subsequently resigned. According to a Sept. 9 press release, Stratton was fired in conjunction with an investigation that revealed serious improprieties in the track program.

Hyman said the NCAA is reviewing the information collected from the TCU investigation and it could be several months before any information is publicly released.

“They (the NCAA) are compiling all of their data and have asked TCU for input in the process of it,” Hyman said.

Kent Barrett, associate director of public and media relations for the NCAA, said an official investigation only takes place if just cause is proven.

Barrett would not confirm or deny that the NCAA is currently conducting an official investigation.

An NCAA enforcement staff reviews information submitted by a university, conducts personal inquiries and follows up with the university, Barrett said. The Division I Committee on Infractions makes a final decision for each investigation, he said.

When a major NCAA investigation is complete, the university is notified the day before any information is publicly released, Barrett said.

There are also violations under investigation that are categorized as secondary violations, and the NCAA leaves it up to a university to release information concerning those violations, Barrett said. Barrett would not confirm or deny that TCU had any such violations.

“(The review process) is intentionally done privately and not publicly because it can become contentious,” Barrett said.

Hyman said the TCU investigation and the NCAA review will eventually have an impact on the program.

“There will be an impact at a certain time, and the depth of that impact will ultimately be decided by the NCAA,” Hyman said.

However, Hyman said the events surrounding Stratton’s firing did not deter applicants’ interest in the program.

Recently hired head track and field coach Darryl Anderson said the team has adjusted well to the change in the coaching staff. Anderson said right now the team is concerned about being the best and is open to the change.

“It has been a very easy transition for me and my staff, and a lot of that has had to do with the success of the team,” Anderson said.

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