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The Frog Fountain (TCU Facebook)


By Haeven Gibbons and Lonyae Coulter
Published Jun 10, 2022
Some background on what makes TCU special and some important tips for first-year students.
Due to COVID-19, there was a virtual concert for TCU Orchestra in the Community Commons on March 15, 2021

Community belonging: The importance of finding a place in college

Published Jun 10, 2022
Finding connection at TCU begins before students come to school, said Kathy Cavins-Tull, vice chancellor for student affairs. From normal orientation to Frog Camp, these events provide a sense of community before moving in, Cavins-Tull said.
The signage outside the Kimbell Museum facing University Avenue. Photo by Izzy Acheson.

The Kimbell Art Musuem to celebrate 50 years of history

By Trevor Matthews
Published Jun 10, 2022
The Kimbell Art Museum, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is banking on building a relationship with young people to help ensure it continues to thrive.
Students at Frog Camp

How Frog Camp has touched the lives of TCU student facilitators

By Victoria Gonzalez
Published Jun 10, 2022
Since 1993 Frog Camps have been a part of TCU’s tradition. Incoming first-years gather for days and create memories they will never forget. Sophomores to seniors mentor first-years as they make their first college memories. 
Students pose with Sale’s Center rewards (Courtesy of TCU Sales Center, Sales Enablement Team).

How Neeley’s Sales Center enhances students’ sales abilities

By Grace Reinhardt
Published Jun 10, 2022
With the help of the Sales Center in the Neeley School of Business, students have the opportunity to learn different sales techniques and meet with mentors.
Race and Reconciliation sign set up next to the Founders Statue. (Heesoo Yang/Staff Photographer)

TCU’s Race and Reconciliation Initiative paves the road to reconciliation

By Summer Kloer
Published Jun 10, 2022
TCU’s race and reconciliation initiative is a five-year study that began in July 2020. Provost Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg appointed a 28-member committee to research TCU’s history by uncovering documents and artifacts to share with the public. 
“The State Champions for 1904” (photo and caption via TCU Digital Repository)

Turn back the clock: Looking at the years leading up to TCU’s sesquicentennial

By Emmaday Ormond
Published Jun 10, 2022
As TCU’s 150th year approaches, it is clear that times have changed when looking at student life throughout the years. 
A variety of bands played at Frogstock 2016, all of which are TCU students.

A TCU tradition: The 14th annual Frogstock music festival

By Tristen Smith
Published Jun 10, 2022
Frogstock is an annual end-of-year tradition on campus. Students gather for activities, free food and tunes.
A group of participants of the fair stand in front of their display. (Katharine Vaughn/TCU 360)

Celebrating creativity: TCU students showcase talent at annual research festival

By Katharine Vaughn
Published Jun 10, 2022
Undergraduate and graduate students presented their research, creative projects and videos at the annual Schieffer College Research and Creative Festival at the end of the spring 2022 semester.
Students over the years work on their projects for the zoo enrichment course. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Tory Bennett)

Art and ecology collide in TCU’s zoo enrichment course

By Sara Littlejohn
Published Jun 10, 2022
Throughout TCU's zoo enrichment course, students explore the ecological behavior of wild animals to gain insights into the types of stimuli that they encounter naturally.
Greek Village

Chancellor says TCU Greek Life isn’t going anywhere even as ‘Abolish Greek Life’ trends spread 

By Amelia Crowley
Published Jun 10, 2022
Two weeks before the start of school, sorority members flock to campus to set up for recruitment. They arrive a week before the potential new members (PNMs) embark to find their new home for the next four years.
A library staff member works behind plastic shielding.

Exploring student job opportunities on-campus

By Ryann Booth
Published Aug 31, 2021
Incoming students have many opportunities to work on and around TCU's campus.