Quality work, poor equipment

Here at the Skiff, we wouldn’t mind some new equipment. Who doesn’t want top-of-the-line stuff? But we definitely don’t have a cramped newsroom with limited working space or lines of reporters waiting to use our computers. Our facilities do not (for the most part) hinder or slow the process of putting out a newspaper on a tight deadline. Our TCU News Now colleagues across the hall, however, do have a lack of technology in their newsroom. And if compared to the likes of SMU’s news program, TCU News Now is still in the stone age.

Despite this rather significant technological deficit, TCU News Now won first place in the nation for a non-daily news program. Not bad for a program with “bulky cameras” and no studio, strobe lights or a daily weather forecast.

Hopefully, their awards will not only bring them national attention, but some funds to play catch-up with other universities.

Success with antiquated equipment is refreshing, but after a while it will be disheartening. Imagine the original Mighty Ducks movie if they didn’t get the new uniforms. Now imagine the Ducks going into the second film with the same ratty uniforms as the first film.

The key to continued success is morale. Now matter how gifted a group is, if no one seems to care, their success is not likely to continue.

TCU may love when one of our programs is a Cinderella story, but, at some point, we would like them to go into a competition equally matched.