Lost in a sea of not-so-deep thoughts

Last week, I took a break from writing a column to clear my head and hope for something worthy to write about.I can’t think of anything to talk about because I have a million thoughts running through my head. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

I just turned 23 years old on Sept. 9. What else do I have left?

I guess all I have left to look forward to is turning 25, having my insurance lower and then awaiting my impending death.

I know there is a lot to look forward to, but I wish I knew what was going to happen after graduation. Will I have a job, be able to pay back my loans, take care of my family, and will my family be able to cover my funeral as I await my looming death?

Besides awaiting my demise, I have been getting into politics, which is a death sentence all in its own. The Latin meaning of politics is “poli” meaning “many” and “tics,” which I believe means “bloodsucking creatures.” Is it a coincidence that I am drawn to this? I think not.

Politics is so funny. You have extremes on the right and left, and both are wrong. You have moderates who are taking the two wrongs and trying to make them right. That’s how we know politics is backward because two wrongs are forced to make a right.

As a fellow Republican, I admit that I can be extreme in certain situations, but the extreme seems to oddly just be a circle and me finding myself back in the middle right after falling left. There are not enough corners to cut or edges to push people from in politics.

Now who’s to blame for what’s wrong with America on the political spectrum? Everyone but me.

I just wish I could live my life like a house pet.

Seriously, you get to sit around, lick yourself, sleep all day, lie on people and claim ownership merely by giving something a quick tinkling on. I would shop all day.

Something that amazes me is how much common sense is available, and no one has it. For instance, I stop to buy some gas, and the pump next to me has a plastic bag over the handle and an orange cone in front of it. A middle-aged man in a business suit gets out, moves the cone, puts his car in place, unwraps the handle and wonders why the machine will not accept his credit card. I smile, get in my car and leave.

I’ve tried coming up with a solution to stupidity. As of right now, I have failed. Maybe it’s me, and I have not had a good idea. Maybe stupid people just are not curable. No matter how hard you try to cure it, stupidity is a degenerative disease.

Obviously, I am far too familiar with those who lack intelligence. “They” say it takes one to know one and I’m OK with that.

Last, I have ended this weekend thinking of where I am going to apply for jobs. Employers want young, aspiring college graduates, but then firms like these same college graduates to have five years of project management experience, working knowledge of direct foreign investment and one to three years of marketing for this entry level position with an MBA and CPA certification preferred.

Ah, bless this labor market.

Design Editor Shawn Finer is a deranged economics major from Hurst.