Students build clay sculptures

Students build clay sculptures

One clay pot at a time, Chris Powell’s advanced ceramics class is decorating the campus with its sculptures outside Moudy Building North.The tall, stackable sculptures went up in early October and will remain up until the end of the semester.

“This is the second semester that students have built sculptures to be displayed on campus,” Powell said. “The sculptures allow the class to present what they have been working on for six weeks.”

The students, who each individually designed a sculpture, say they agree that they like having their work on display.

“We have been working on this project for several weeks, and it was rewarding to finally see the finished product,” said Ryan Montgomery, a senior entrepreneurial management major.

The construction of the sculptures starts with weeks of sketches and figuring out what we are going to build, Montgomery said. The only requirement is that the sculptures have to be 7 to 8 feet tall, he said.

Powell said that students were free to design the sculptures any way they chose.

“Each student is required to make sketches in their books and show me what they are going to create,” Powell said. “Other than the height requirement the students are free to model the sculptures after anything they want.”

Harris Napier, a senior economics major, also said he enjoyed creating the sculptures.

“It was a long process creating the sculptures,” Napier said. “We had to make sketches, mini-models and then create the real thing. But my favorite part was actually putting the sculptures together.”

The sculptures are intended to stay up at least until the end of the semester, Powell said.

“We appreciate the ground maintenance crews’ consideration for the sculptures, and we are going to try to leave them up as long as possible,” he said.