Organizations gain support

The office of Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services hosted a discussion Tuesday evening to promote attendance and devise strategies for advertising events on campus.Student leaders from various organizations attended to discuss the success of recent events and promote upcoming programs they are hosting.

“The purpose of our office is to provide support and make things happen,” said Sandhya Klein, program coordinator for Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services.

Klein said the meeting focused on providing an outlet for leaders to network with one another to increase awareness of programs that are hosted by organizations supported by IIS.

Word of Truth ministries, Students for Asian and Indian Cultural Awareness and the NAACP were among the organizations represented. Several students not associated with a particular group participated and voiced their opinions at the discussion.

Leaders said they agreed the major problem that affects programming is attendance from students outside of the organization hosting the event.

Danisha Egans, a junior Spanish major, said the key to contributing to a successful event will be to attend programs hosted by other organizations.

“You support us, we’ll support you,” Egans said.

Methods of advertising to reach out to students on campus were also addressed as a problem.

Students at the discussion said mass e-mails, advertisements on campus and announcements in student publications were not effective if students did not make an effort to notice them.

“More or less, it’s word of mouth,” said Samir El Darazi, a junior engineering major.

Students discussed the problem of seeing the same faces at each of their events.

“It is the same people in leadership roles,” El Darazi said. “We need to invite new faces to pick up smaller responsibilities.