Bus transportation available

Many students wake up an hour earlier than necessary to compete for parking spaces, while others complain that parking shortages should be a top priority on the university’s agenda.In the midst of these complaints, students fail to take advantage of the opportunity to use public transportation free of charge.

Although students take for granted the luxuries TCU provides with something as simple as the TCU identification card, like the free bus fare, Sodexho employees will now have the chance to pick up the slack.

Instead of worrying about the cost of gas, Sodexho employees will be issued school ID cards, allowing them to ride the T free of charge.

Many campus employees commute to campus daily, some depend on public transit, and riding the bus may be their only means of getting to work every day.

Without ID cards, Sodexho employees were left paying their own way for every bus ride, while many students refuse to trek from main campus to east campus without their cars.

It is only logical that the group that stands to benefit most from a program would be included, but something so logistically simple, like the fact that these employees were not originally issued school identification, falls through the cracks as a result of assumptions.

Employees who live on a humble paycheck will now be able to save the everyday money they spent on public transportation – an amount that can add up over time – on other financial priorities.

By issuing these employees ID cards last week, TCU has rectified this oversight, and that reflects the administration’s desire to take care of not only its students, but its employees as well.

While it would have been better if all on campus were able to take advantage of the program from its inception, rectifying the problem and giving Sodexho employees a little more jingle in their pockets for the holidays shows that the university is looking out for everyone on this campus.

Roxanna Latifi for the Editorial Board