Online Exclusive: Tool extended review

Throughout 2005, fans of the rock band Tool were teased with promises of a new album.A slow trickle of photos from recording sessions, unconfirmed studio news and a redesign of the welcome page of the band’s official Web site heightened anticipation, but the year ended with nothing.

Instead of a new album, the band released two DVDs with artistic presentations of material from the band’s 2001 release “Lateralus.”

The interim between the last Tool album and the current recording sessions were filled with a new studio album and a collection of covers from lead singer Maynard James Keenan’s other band, A Perfect Circle.

Soon after the new year, fans were all but guaranteed a new album in short order.

Self-proclaimed unofficial Tool Web page,, as well as local radio station, KDGE, reported rumors that the band has been booked to play a Norwegian music festival this summer, giving substance to speculation about an April album release.

Although rumors continue to circulate among fans, those in dire need of a Maynard-fix can pick up the soundtrack for “Underworld: Evolution,” which is in stores now. The album has one track from yet another Keenan side-project, Puscifier.

– Brian Chatman