Q&A: Natasha Lacy

Q&A: Natasha Lacy

What’s the biggest difference between men’s and women’s basketball?I think how they play above the rim, the elevation of the game. Anything else I think we do. That might be changing in the next couple of years, though; Candace Parker, she can dunk.

What is (head coach Jeff) Mittie to the team: a disciplinarian or a player’s coach?

I have to say he’s in between. There’s times we have a great practice, and he’s just full of jokes. We laugh because we have to laugh at them (laughter.) On a serious note, he’s a good guy. He knows when to be a disciplinarian, and he has a good time.

What was the best thing about Sandora Irvin?

She caught anything. I mean, she was a phenomenal athlete. I could throw the worst pass ever, and only she could go get it. She was a force in the middle, as far as defense.

Who’s your weirdest teammate?

Mickie (freshman center Micaela Younger). We give her a hard time because she’s from Delaware; she’ll say something and we’ll be like, ‘Whatever, she’s from Delaware. No one knows where that is.’

I’ve seen you play quite a bit. Sometimes you look like a one (point guard); sometimes you look like a two (shooting guard). If it were up to you, where would you play?

My first two years I was mostly playing the one – in high school I played the one. That’s the one I’m most comfortable with. Now, I play a lot of positions, whichever one is needed. Down the line, I hopefully get back to the original as a one.

We all know the big names like Leslie and Bird – who do you think the most underrated women’s professional basketball player is?

Deanna Nolan – she plays for the Detroit Shock. She got some hype last year, but I’ve sat and I’ve watched a couple of her games, and she’s awesome. She had the superstars on her team, like Swin Cash and Ruth Riley. She didn’t necessarily score a lot on her team last year, but she got the chance when the superstars were hurt.

I’ve been to men’s practices and women’s practices, and it seems like women are so much more vocal. What do you think?

Coach Mittie stresses that over and over again, to be more vocal. That kind of motivates us … if you hear one of your teammates congratulating you, that motivates you to do it. I think it’s more of a will to do it. Girls are more talkative, anyways.