Online Exclusive!!! Track: Six Flyin’ Frogs to compete in NCAA Indoor Championships

The Flyin’ Frogs have reached the culmination of the season’s indoor competition: the NCAA Indoor Championships in Fayetteville, AR.The track and field team will send six total participants, four of which will compete an individual events. Sophomore sprinter Virgil Hodge, the only representative from the women’s squad, will run in both the 60 and 200 meters.

The men’s side will send seniors Lewis Banda, Jackson Langat and Quincy Butler and sophomores Bradley Reed and Otis McDaniel. Reed will run the 60 meters, Lewis the 400 and Langat the 800. Butler and McDaniel will pair with Langat and Banda in the 400 meter relay.

Head coach Darryl Anderson said he is ready for his athletes to show their skills.

“I’m excited for them,” Anderson said. “Any time you get in this environment, the first step is always to get to the event.”

Anderson said the objective is clear: obtaining deserved recognition.

“I like to set the standard that anytime we go to an NCAA event we come out as All-Americans,” Anderson said. “I think that’s the ultimate prize, or one of the ultimate prizes – one of the highest levels is to be an All-American.”

Despite the variety of runs the Frogs will compete in, Anderson said the team is still focused on its bread and butter events: sprints.

“We’ve got some areas of balance,” Anderson said. “I think one of the main things is the sprints. That’s the way its been at TCU forever – we are going to make some changes obviously … we have younger guys that diversify us.