Student Center high-definition TV

Big changes are planned for the construction of the future Student Center, but a big screen TV can be expected even sooner.The Permanent Improvements Committee is purchasing a 60-inch high-definition TV that will be in the Student Center Lounge by fall, said Ashley Bachmayer, permanent improvements chair.

With a vote of 20-16, the House of Student Representatives opted to allocate $5,700 from the Permanent Improvements budget to purchase the TV.

The bill to purchase the TV states that students would benefit from a newer TV that is also located further away from the reading room in the Student Center.

Several House members disagreed with the purchase and argued every disadvantage from cost to lack of usefulness.

Justin Brown, representative of the College of Fine Arts, said he doesn’t think that the purchase of the TV has been researched enough for SGA to support it.

“There’s quite a bit of money that’s funded for the new Student Center and it might be more appropriate to push (the school) to buy this for (the students),” he said. “Without the proper research or endeavors into other ways of subsidizing this account, I don’t see how we can spend this much money at this time.”

Lindsay Beattie, representative of the junior class, said she initially disagreed with spending a large amount of money on a TV, but now thinks the purchase would enhance the current Student Center instead of having to wait several years for the construction of the new student union.

“We should value the Student Center that’s already at TCU by making it better than it is now,” she said.

The allocated money will cover a five-year maintenance plan, a TV stand, a surge protector and a 50-foot cable.