Music Review: ‘Dutchess’ can sing, dance, but can’t write

You’ve heard all about her lady humps and how her “London Bridge” goes down, but there is something you might not know about Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie. She actually has a set of pipes on her.While her voice isn’t on the level of an Aretha Franklin or even a Christina Aguilera, she can hold her own with a Pink-like voice.

On her new solo CD, “The Dutchess,” Fergie displays the versatility in her voice going from rapping in “London Bridge” to belting out a slow love song on the closing track, “Finally.”

Next to her voice, the best thing on the CD is the insane beats running through every song. They make you just want to get off you feet and dance.

There are sure to be plenty of radio hits off of “The Dutchess” with “Fergalicious,” “Glamorous” and “Finally” following the already No. 1 “London Bridge,” but the album does have some problems.

First, the lyrics are so awful it is almost painful to listen to each song.

Even though it will probably be a huge hit, with lyrics like “My body stay vicious/I be up in the gym just working on my fitness/He’s my witness,” “Fergalicious” shouldn’t be on the disc.

Another misstep is one song you will recognize right off the bat. She takes the Temptations classic “Get Ready” and tries to rework it, but is unsuccessful, to say the least. If you are going to remake a classic, either change it completely or stay away.

Overall, “The Dutchess” is a well-put together album and is enjoyable as you drive in your car with your windows down. Does it break new ground and deliver what will sure to be a classic in the next 10 years? No.

In fact, the album reminds me greatly of the 2004 debut solo album by Gwen Stefani “Love,Angel,Music,Baby,” only not as fresh.

Definitely pick up the album if you like “London Bridge,” as the CD is more of the same. But if you rather run into a wooden stake than listen to a song about Fergie’s “London Bridge,” this may not be the best disc for you.