Alumna to host KERA radio show

An amazing sense of curiosity, wit and vitality are what co-workers say characterize the TCU alumna who will host the new KERA 90.1 radio talk show “Think.” Krys Boyd, who graduated in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in radio-TV-film and a minor in news-editorial journalism, begins hosting the show Nov. 6, said Steve Anderson, public relations manager for KERA.

“She really wants to know what the people she is interviewing have to say,” said Anderson, who has worked with Boyd for five years.

“Think” is taking the spot of the “The Glenn Mitchell Show,” since Mitchell died last November, Anderson said.

Boyd, who has worked for KERA for five years as a host for different shows, said the new radio show is her dream job.

Boyd said Mitchell left enormous shoes to fill and she is honored and humbled to be filling his spot.

“I have been fortunate that they don’t expect me to be just like him,” Boyd said.

The show will include discussion of everything from international politics to popular authors to issues in North Texas – and Boyd is good at localizing issues, said Yolette Garcia, director of multimedia communications for KERA.

“She understands her mission as talk show host, which is to bring engaging topics to the show,” Garcia said.

Anderson said the show’s civil nature is going to be what makes it different from others.

“It’s really a polite dialogue between the host and guest,” Anderson said.

Although the show does not air until November, Boyd said she still interviews top figures such as President Bush, Jesse Jackson and Mikhail Gorbachev for other programs.

Anderson said Boyd has also worked outside of radio, winning several awards for “JFK: Breaking the News,” a 2003 television documentary she wrote and produced.

Boyd said the documentary took seven months and marked the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. She said it helped her cope with her husband’s death in 2003 because it took up so much time and presented a goal to work toward.

KTCU 88.7 FM The Choice Station Manager Russell Scott said he feels Boyd is a good role model for students who work in the station.

“I think it’s great for Krys to get a job like this,” Scott said. “It helps TCU students see that we can get a degree, and we can get good jobs and put our degrees to work.”

He said Mitchell was well-

respected and KTCU is proud a TCU alumna was chosen to fill the position.

Boyd said she thinks being a mother helps her connect with her audience members, who are often mature and have families, though she doesn’t mention her personal life on the show.

“Although, I do occasionally mention that I’m a TCU grad,” Boyd said.