Online Exclusive!!! Major/Minor Fair gives students chance to explore learning options

Students are encouraged to attend the 12th annual Major/Minor Fair on Monday, organizers from the Center for Academic Services say.Students of any major and classification can benefit by attending, said Donna Schonerstedt, an academic adviser for Academic Services.

Freshmen and sophomores can learn about all the majors TCU offers, and juniors and seniors can benefit if they want to add a minor to their degree plan, Schonerstedt said.

“Instead of walking all over campus to find out about different majors, students can find out about them all in one place,” Schonerstedt said.

Approximately 35 departments will be attending this year’s fair, Schonerstedt said.

Academic Services Director Marsha Ramsey said departments typically have techniques to capture students’ attention.

“In past years, the nutrition department has dressed up as fruits or vegetables,” Ramsey said. “One year the psychology had a couch for students to lie on.”

Students who attend will be entered in a drawing to win one of two first-day registration passes, which will allow for early registration for next semesters classes, Schonerstedt said.