Education, dance schools to get name change in fall

Students returning to TCU next fall could notice name changes for two schools on campus.As of June 1, the School of Education’s name will officially be The College of Education, and the School of Ballet and Modern Dance will be referred to as the School of Classical and Contemporary Dance.

Nowell Donovan, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, made the decision for the name changes.

Donovan said for the School of Education, the title of “college” will bring it into alignment with the rest of the campus.

“The chancellor and provost thought it would be a good idea to acknowledge our new graduate offerings,” said Sam Deitz, dean of the School of Education.

The School of Education has added three doctoral degrees over the past four or five years, making their graduate presence stronger, Deitz said.

“As you grow, things change,” Deitz said. “A department is not as prestigious as a school, and a school is not as prestigious as a college.”

Deitz also said that every educational entity always wants to move up in prestige.

“This (name change) sounds like it’s a good idea and will give a more positive outlook for the School of Education,” said Lauren Phillips, a sophomore education major.

The name change goes beyond the title seen on signs or the outside of the buildings.

The School of Education’s title must be changed on everything from faculty business cards, brochures, the school’s Web site and addresses, all the way down to the pencils that are passed out to students visiting campus, Deitz said.

Deitz also said the changes are being done gradually, and therefore, are costing very little.

“For example, as we run out of stationary or brochures or signs or pencils, the new stationary is printed with the new name,” Deitz said.

As for the School of Ballet and Modern Dance, Donovan said, it seemed fitting that its title be changed as it is “winning awards all over the place.”

The dance department recently received full accreditation from the National Association for Schools of Dance, said Ellen Shelton, chair of the dance department.

The title will better reflect what the department already does and where it wants to go and is open to a more global look at dance, Shelton said.

Just like the School of Education, the name change is happening gradually for the dance department and without much extra expense.

“It’s interesting all the places it pops up – even the signature on e-mails. It’ll take a while to work through all of the pieces,” Shelton said.