Follow couple’s example, find joy in each day

Life does not always have to be so serious. This is a terribly difficult concept to grasp in this hustle-and-go society. According to Yahoo! News, a retired New York couple let go and took a trip they will remember for the rest of their lives.Betty and Bob Matas started their journey in New York City by hailing a taxi in their Queens neighborhood. Neither Betty nor Bob Matas drive, and they wanted to spare their cats, Pretty Face and Cleopatra, from a plane ride to their new home, according to Yahoo! News. They traveled 2,500 miles, 10 hours a day, all the way to Sedona where they plan on living out the rest of their retirement. The taxi driver charged the couple a flat rate of $3,000, plus the cost of gas, meals and lodging.

The Matas’ were surprised by the attention they got from passers-by.

“Every state that we hit, people would say, ‘Are you the ones?’ and we would say, ‘Yes, we are the ones,'” Bob Matas said.

As unconventional as this method of moving sounds, the Matas said they are happy, and that is really all that matters. There is so much pressure to be practical and to make good use of time from many people these days. Life is too short not to take risks and do something a little crazy every now and then. That is what keeps people sane. If people are required to stick to the rigid expectations of this life all the time, they will never find release. Taking a break and throwing logic out the window is necessary from time to time.

TCU history professor Kathryne McDorman said, “All of us need to break out of our often self-imposed, rigid conformity now and then.”

Making a living and just making it through the day is all that many people can focus on regularly. People owe it to themselves to expand their minds along with their spirits.

The Matas spent a significant amount of their time and money enjoying a ride across the country. Not to mention, their two cats did not have to experience a ride in the luggage compartment of an airplane. McDorman points out that everyone should have the right to do as they please, especially if it hurts no one.

By reading the feature about the couple on Yahoo! News, it is easy to tell that people viewed this move as amusing and out of the ordinary. The Matas are a great example to all people. Who cares what other people will think or the fact that it costs a bit extra? In the end, happiness is what matters.

When I think back on my life, I don’t remember the reasons I was stressed and run down. What I do remember are the moments that I let go and ignored the rules for a few days. It feels good to escape reality and treat yourself to something out of the ordinary. We are all programmed to get to where we are going, not to enjoy the ride. Don’t look back on your life and wish that you had given in and enjoyed the ride.

Michelle Anderson is a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Tyler. Her column appears Fridays.