Conservative party right in many ways but needs some help

To my fellow conservatives, I’ve learned and thought about a lot of political issues in my four years here at TCU. And, to the liberals, I think you’ll find I’m fairly objective. Before I graduate, I’d like to leave you with my thoughts about what we, as conservatives, have right and what we’re getting wrong.The first thing we have right is our patriotism – loving America is never the wrong thing to do. Patriotism is what made this country great and will keep it going. We also support our troops, which is the right thing to do. And anyone bashing our soldiers doesn’t deserve to stay an American.

The second thing we have right is our fundamental belief that government handouts don’t solve social ills. Welfare hasn’t cured poverty yet, and it never will. Conservatives believe that free markets are the only way to solve our problems. However, this means we have to find alternative ways to help the misfortunate – so give to charity. Every time a conservative passes the chance to give to a social cause, we become hypocrites and give liberals one more chance to claim the government has to step in because “no one else will.”

The third thing conservatives have right is immigration policy. Illegal immigration has to stop. It depresses American wages, is a burden on our social services and increases crime. Northern Mexico sits next to the largest economy in the world and has very little excuse for being impoverished. It’s time it started cleaning up its internal corruption problem so its people stop running to the border.

But we have a number of problems we need to address as well. The first is primarily religious. The hateful fundamentalism that has infiltrated conservative politics has to stop. People such as Pat Robertson are destroying the conservative movement by using it as a vehicle for their own religious bigotry. Many conservatives need to step beyond their religious convictions and show compassion and concern for others – like Jesus did. That includes gays, Muslims and even hippies.

Second, it is time we took our heads out of the sand on global warming. It’s happening, and it’s happening because of the lifestyle we lead. To make matters worse, the fossil fuels we use not only pollute our air, but they fund terrorists and rogue regimes across the world. It’s time we began supporting major green energy initiatives or there won’t be a world left for America to lead.

Third, we have to spend more on education. Under President Bush, funding for higher education has dropped dramatically, and the state of public education has deteriorated. We have to spend more on our schools even if it means increasing taxes or we jeopardize America’s future.

Finally, there are a number of people who have gone above and beyond in screwing up our country. Therefore, I would like to close with a list of people I think we ought to deport to Siberia for the things they have done to embarrass and insult America, the conservative movement or both – Jane Fonda, Pat Robertson, the Dixie Chicks, Ann Coulter, Sean Penn, Jerry Falwell, Rosie O’Donnell, and, of course, Michael Moore. Goodbye, TCU!

Tyler Fultz is a senior history and political science major from Indianapolis.