Students use varied methods to ease stress

The semester is winding down, but stress levels are winding up. Students said the last few weeks of school are the most stressful times of the year.

“Finals week and the week before are the most stressful weeks,” said Holly Bagzis, a sophomore supply and value chain management major. “It’s like you always have something to worry about. There’s always another test to get ready for or another presentation to do.”

Michael Stewart, a junior studio art major, said, “The stress is so high that you kind of just have to remove yourself from it so it doesn’t overwhelm you.”

Students said taking some time away from their studies is the most effective way to relieve this stress, but they do so in different ways.

One of the healthiest forms of stress relief is working out, Bagzis said.

“I think working out is a great stress relief,” Bagzis said. “It feels good to sweat it out in the morning – it clears your head.”

Ashley House, a sophomore history major, added that working out releases endorphins.

“Endorphins make you happy,” House said. “And being happy is even a stress relief in itself.”

Others said the break they needed was just a little down time.

“I take a lot of naps during finals week,” said J.P. Wilson, a freshman music education major. “After I wake up, I focus better.”

However, some students said they do not have time to put their studies on hold, so they opt for a more short-term relief.

Colton Johnson, a sophomore biology major, said he mentally removes himself from the situation.

“Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine being somewhere else,” Johnson said.

Students said that being social was another way they relieved their stress.

“I try to go out with my friends,” said Jamarri Aikins, a freshman psychology major. “Then I don’t feel so loaded down.”

Some of the social activities students said they enjoy included cooking, tanning, playing sports and dancing.

“I like to bake,” said Tara Wanzeck, a freshman nursing major. “It kind of helps me unwind. And after you do it, you have something yummy to eat.”

Lauren Riazzi, a freshman premajor, said that laying out or tanning is her stress reliever.

“Being in the sun – or the fake sun if the weather is bad – makes me feel good,” Riazzi said. “If you feel good during this time of year, then it seems to go by faster and easier.”

Creighton Dryden, a sophomore history major, said he likes to surround himself with friends to take his mind off of school.

“I like to play sports or go dancing with a bunch of people,” Dryden said. “If I can have fun with my friends then I don’t I feel so stressed out.”

Although finals are the most stressful time of the year, some students remain optimistic.

Josh Bagby, a freshman premajor, said, “Finals week doesn’t have to be awful, you just have to know how to handle the stress.