Director looks to revamp Rec programs

The new assistant director of fitness and wellness is adding to programs to get the University Recreation Center and its new programs in shape.This fall, Stacy Cintron, a Florida State University alumna, replaced Trey Morrison as the assistant director of fitness and wellness at TCU.

With her new position, Cintron hopes to create a more organized environment in the Rec Center while providing more fitness options for students, Cintron said.

“The University Recreation Center is now working to instill some organization and sense of structure to the program,” Cintron said.

The Rec Center has new software and programs to cater to the needs of students regardless of their present fitness levels. The new fitness options are offered in the Rec Center and include hip-hop aerobics, boot camps and “Tone-N-Tighten” programs, Cintron said.

“Since it is open all day, you just come after class to refresh your mind and body,” said Isela Renteria, a sophomore nursing major. “It’s fun interacting with other students while dancing and having fun. It is a real stress reliever.”

This year, the Rec Center staff cut its wellness program and chose instead to focus on three specific fitness options: group exercise, personal training and massage therapy.

“We are trying to focus on just a few programs,” Cintron said. “We want to push the personal training opportunity among students.”

In the future, the center will focus on the importance of nutrition education and making programs available inside and outside of the Rec Center, Cintron said.

“A lot of residence halls want to do something students can learn from,” Cintron said. “Programs have already been put on that show how students can do efficient workouts in their own rooms.”

Junior communication studies major Brad Keiser, who works at the Rec Center, said many students want to make healthy choices but are unaware of what to do.

“I think we offer something for everyone of all fitness levels,” Cintron said. “It is a fun way for students to recreate and stay healthy.”

The Rec Center provides fitness classes seven days a week from 6:15 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. Schedules and class information are available online at