Dining plan debacle continues

The dreaded dining plan, which could cost students up to $2,100 a semester, will be implemented next fall despite student opposition.Rick Flores, general manager of Dining Services, announced details of the new plan at the Student Government Association meeting Tuesday.

Myra Mills, a sophomore music education major, said she thought the price increase of the new meal plan was a bad idea.

“I really like the idea of more community dining, but the price was a big deal for me,” Mills said.

Flores is justifying the increase by noting that TCU will have building expenses and more service workers on payroll.

Mills said after hearing arguments for the price increase, she understands and thinks students should be informed, as well.

But, the student body does understand, and Dining Services’ outrageous decision cannot be justified.

Anxious students are expressing concerns through letters to the editor in the Skiff, Facebook groups and online petitions, but administrators are not taking notice.

One Facebook group is working as an online petition and consists of 248 members as of Wednesday.

Not only is a $2,000 price tag unacceptable for a semester of meals, but also, the money can’t even be used at every eatery on campus.

Despite the opposition from the student body, Dining Services is not backing down.

Ignoring the voice of the student body is in direct conflict with the university’s mission to educate future leaders. Students cannot be expected to grow as leaders when they are not given the opportunity to express their opinions and make decisions.

The bottom line is, TCU must hear the voice of the students.

News editor Lindsey Bever for the editorial board.