Luncheon to address disaster relief tactics

TCU will host a luncheon today that aims to educate local clergy and citizens on dealing with disaster on campus.”Calming the Storm: Effective Responses in Times of Disaster,” will take place at 11:30 a.m. in the Dee J. Kelly Alumni Center.

The luncheon aims to facilitate relationships within communities, as well as with emergency organizations such as the American Red Cross.

“The lecture will focus on building effective communication and collaboration among local congregations and established response organizations, so they are all ready to work together when potential natural or human-initiated disaster strikes,” according to a press release.

The luncheon will outline step by step what will happen after a disaster occurs.

The meeting is a baseline for knowing what happens and who the key players are, said Dana Riley, associative executive director of the Volunteer Center of North Texas.

Coordinators said they hoped different faith centers could use their strengths to help each other.

Attendees will be grouped according to their zip codes and locations to enable community faith leaders to meet one another.

“By allowing neighboring congregations to know what you have, you can help each other,” said Sharon Canclini, a clinical instructor at the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences. “Our goal is to help different congregations realize what resources they have. That might mean opening your facility to house others.”

The event is free, includes lunch and is open to anyone but advance registration is required, said Judy Shannon, coordinator of faith and life.