Broken sprinkler floods dorm, forces residents out

Broken sprinkler floods dorm, forces residents out

The rain came down and the sun came up and roommates exited the building two by two.A broken sprinkler head caused flooding in Samuelson Hall on Monday, said Richard Oliver, assistant director of facilities.

Oliver said a resident’s visitor hung his clothes on a coat hanger from the sprinkler hanging from the bathroom ceiling.

“When he went to take his clothes down, the head of the sprinkler broke causing the apartments to flood,” Oliver said.

Oliver said about four rooms on the third floor were flooded and then the water ran down to the first and second floors.

Oliver said the university is waiting for the rooms to completely dry out before they can get an estimate on the damage caused.

Logan Wilson, sophomore journalism major, whose roommate’s visitor caused the flooding, came home from class at about 12:45 p.m. to find her room ankle deep in water.

“The visitor said that when he went to take his clothes off the sprinkler, the entire unit came out of the ceiling causing water to start gushing into the room,” Wilson said.

Oliver said the stairwell was like a river because the water was coming down so hard.

Hanna Useem, sophomore political science major, lives on the first floor of Samuelson.

Useem said she was in her room when the fire alarm, triggered by the broken sprinkler, went off in the dorm.

The flooding displaced about 16 students from their rooms, Useem said.

Useem said she is currently living with a friend who is a resident assistant in Foster Hall. TCU offered to help students find a place to stay if they had no other options.

Wilson said she has been told it will be three to four days before students can move back into their dorm rooms.

“There are fans in all of the rooms,” Wilson said. “TCU is paying to have all the carpets cleaned and our clothes to be dry cleaned.