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GPA requirement a good thing

Anyone who has gone through academic orientation at the university knows it. A startling number of the incoming freshmen start college with business as their declared majors.Who can blame them? TCU does have a renowned business school.

But not all are cut out for the Neeley School of Business, and a pending proposal may speed up the screening process.

The proposal, awaiting University Council approval in November, seeks to raise GPA requirements for freshman prebusiness majors, said Bill Moncrief, senior associate dean of the business school.

If, by the end of their freshman year, students haven’t completed their five required courses with at least a 2.5 GPA, they will be required to change their majors, Moncrief said.

No more “churning up” the program, as Moncrief calls it.

No more juniors and seniors retaking courses in the prebusiness program in hopes of achieving the GPA level required for admission in the business school.

There are 40 seniors and 160 juniors still in the prebusiness program, Moncrief said.

No more spending five or more years in college dogmatically trying to earn the coveted business degree. Instead, they can move on to a different major, and opt to minor in business.

The said proposal would significantly benefit the business program, as students are expected to step up to meet the new requirements if, in fact, a business degree is what they truly desire.

The proposal would also lower the business school enrollment, which may mean a lower student-faculty ratio, raising the quality of education in classrooms.

But above all, the proposal would benefit the students, as the requirements may nudge those who would otherwise be stuck in “the churn” in a direction of earning a degree that is more fitting and compatible with their talents and strengths before wasting much time and money.

Features editor Saerom Yoo for the editorial board.

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