Candidates for SGA treasurer

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SGA president: Nate Arnold, Daniel Becker, Justin Brown, Thomas Pressly
SGA vice president: Brett Major, Haley Murphy
SGA treasurer: Jacob Barnes, Perry Cunningham
PC chair: Kristen Chapman

Jacob Barnes

Hometown: Houston
Year in school: Sophomore
Major: Business
Organizations: Chancellor’s Leadership Program, First Year Experience, Neeley Fellows, Sigma Chi, Honors Program
Current SGA position: Business representative, SGA House Finance Committee
I want to be student body treasurer because I want to help improve SGA’s image and put your money back into programs that benefit students. I think much can be done to put the money you give to SGA into programs, such as the tailgates. By doing this, I hope students will feel like their SGA dues are being well spent.
The most pressing issue is the reconstruction of the Activities Funding Board, which allocates money to student organizations.
I want to create a more strict policy on how money is given out and to whom.
I want to help with various projects including the off-campus dining program, the new dining plan, making University Drive more safe and getting more study areas.

Perry Cunningham

Hometown: San Antonio
Year in school: Sophomore
Major: Business
Organizations: SGA, Honors Program, Chancellor’s Leadership Program, Sigma Phi Epsilon
Current SGA position: Neeley School representative, Activities Funding Board, Campus Advancement Committee
As treasurer, I will be able to devote more SGA funding to programs benefitting students, and I will be able to reform the Activities Funding Board to help student organizations on campus.
The most pressing issue for student government is how to best benefit students.
SGA spends much of its budget on itself and AFB is difficult to use. I will spend more SGA money on programs that directly impact students. I’ll make it easier to apply for AFB funds and increase accountability by having applicants report previous campus involvement in detail.
I plan to work with student leaders to pursue off-campus “swipe card” access and get student input concerning what they want to add to the new student union after its completion. With experience and motivation, I will positively impact the campus.