Fantasy Football: Week 11 waiver additions require patience, luck

And the Oscar goes to…New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs for drawing a personal foul call Sunday.

This display of acting prowess came in the first quarter after a play in which Jacobs knocked into Cowboys linebacker Bradie James on the way back to the huddle. Amid the post-play scramble to the huddle, players were patting each other on the shoulder or helmet in congratulatory fashion like normal. But when the 6 feet 2 inch, 250-lb. James made a similar movement toward Jacobs – admittedly his gesture was not in a jovial fashion but had comparable intensity. The 6 feet 4 inch, 264-lb. Jacobs proceeded to fling himself five yards back and roll a couple times once he had hit the ground for good measure. This, of course, immediately drew a penalty from the attending referee.

Adding to the absurdity, Fox’s “A-team” announcers spent the entire game marveling over Jacobs’ ability to stay on his feet, saying “nothing can bring this guy down.” Yeah, nothing except a tap on the shoulder pad, that is.

But before we get into this week’s stuff, here are my thoughts for the week:

1. After four failed drug tests and being in the cold for more than 18 months, Ricky Williams has been reinstated by the NFL. The only reason this is even relevant in the fantasy world is because of the Dolphins slim running back situation. But Miami’s offensive system is much different from what Williams has played in before, and being out of playing shape is a definite red flag.

2. Green Bay is beginning to look like a very scary team this season. It has found its ground game, putting up more than 100 yards against a good run-stopping unit in the Minnesota Vikings. The Packers have a bye this week against the QB-less Panthers. The battle of 10-1 teams is looming in Dallas next week.

And now the main event, this week’s top three waiver wire adds and the matchups to keep an eye on.

Waiver Wire Adds:

Chester Taylor (RB-MIN): Now that the rookie sensation Adrian Peterson is down for the foreseeable future, Minnesota’s starting running back will be, well, the same one it’s been all season. But for the first time this season, Taylor will have the opportunity to carry the entire load in a full game.

Alge Crumpler (TE-ATL): Continuing with offense starters that might have been dropped by impatient owners, we arrive at newly healthy Crumpler. Whether it’s Byron Leftwich or Joey Harrington, both need a tight end as their safety net in an unfamiliar system.

Javon Walker (WR-DEN): Now is the time to add Walker. He should be getting back into the starting lineup within the next two weeks and will take all of the passes currently going to Brandon Stokley. And Walker has big-play ability unsurpassed on that team.

Week 11 Matchups:

New Orleans at Houston: Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson are back this week and that equates to bad things for a New Orleans defense that allowed the lowly Rams to rack up more than 300 yards through the air and 100 yards rushing. A friend of mine, who is a New Orleans native and die-hard Saints fan put it this way: “Every time there’s a big play, you look back and there is Jason David.” David was supposed to be the crown jewel of this past offseason on the defense, but so far, he has been the Achilles heel.

New York at Detroit: The second-half decline has begun for the Giants, but the Lions are so inconsistent that it is hard to tell which team will show up. Jacobs, the actor, should have a nice day rushing, but Eli Manning may struggle against an interception-happy Lions team. The Detroit wide receivers definitely have the skills to chop up the G-Men.

Kansas City at Indianapolis: The Colts should get back on track against a Kansas City team whose wheels are beginning to come off. Priest Holmes will carry the load again and should be relatively effective, while Brodie Croyle will get his first start at quarterback. Dwayne Bowe looks good no matter who is throwing him the ball. With the Colts myriad of injuries at the wide receiver position, Reggie Wayne is one of the last men standing and has held his own in the No. 1 receiver role.

Washington at Dallas: Dallas dismissed the Giants last week, and look for the same thing this week against a weaker Washington team. Clinton Portis is still a strong player, but he is where it ends for Redskins fantasy players. Dallas’ players are all strong starts, but the trick is being able to tell who outside of the defense, Tony Romo, Terrell Owens and Nick Folk will have a big game. This week, I see the passing game rolling more toward Jason Witten and a little bit less to Patrick Crayton because of the Redskins weak pass rush.