Letter to the editor: DFW top spot for job hunting

Thank you for including the story “Fort Worth ranks No. 5 for top job hunting cities.”

The article stated that Forbes magazine named the Dallas/Fort Worth area the No. 5 place for people to live and work. Several credentials were considered, such as the state’s employment rate, income and job growth, and cost of living. The article also mentioned that having a TCU education reinforces students’ chances of finding a job.

I think it is very significant not only for graduating seniors but also for all students to understand the vast opportunities the Fort Worth area can offer.

Instead of TCU graduates going out of state for employment, I encourage them to give back to the Fort Worth community by sharing the knowledge and skills TCU bestowed upon us.

We should take advantage of the fact that our education gives us an upper hand, recognize our potential, and who knows – the DFW area might be ranked No. 4 or better next year.

Lauren Hicks is a senior communication studies major from Fort Worth.